LF07 Smart watch with Unique Crown operation: Crown Controls Zoom in and out, Crown switches interface, dial by twist crown. Interactive switch design.  LF07 Smart Watch comes with 2.5D Arc HD Touch Screen, It can support SIM card, You do not need to connect with your phone via Bluetooth, there will be no distance limited for using this smart watch. Magic sound entertainment: It can change your voice into-- Female voice, male voice, elderly voice, a child's voice, you can enjoy the transformation of your voice, surprise your friends! Multimedia Social: SMS, QQ, Wechat, Gmail, Email notification, Real-Time Weather, Facebook, Twitter reminder Camera remote (can not be used with IOS): Suburban travel, Camping, exploration, Mountain climbing, no one can help to take photos, right? LF07 is the easy solution. LF07 Smart Watch adopts Brand New Adsorption charge, tempered glass lens, Scratch-proof, Shatterproof, High hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, carved through 42 CNC process, to create the solid body, give it an excellent feel. Support IOS7 and above and Androld4.3 and above

LEMFO Smart Watch BT Fitness Tracker