This is the heating pads which can help you relieve all kinds of pain and fatigue. You work hard every day and deserve the most comfortable treatment. As long as you put on the electric heating pad and press the power button, the soothing heat will spread evenly through the soft flannel to the neck, shoulders and back. The ergonomic shape design can free your hands and allow you to use the heating pad to enjoy heating therapy while working, watching tv and playing mobile phone. It also has a 6-level temperature setting (86-149?) and a 2-hour automatic shutdown function, making your control easier through the led display. After the controller and wire are removed, the heating pad can be washed by machine, which is good for hygiene and long service life. Unconsciously, your fatigue and stress will be relieved and you will be refreshed. Helps relieve pain and fatigue of joints, muscles and soft tissues Suitable for relaxation of neck, shoulder, waist, abdomen and leg Easily adjust heat through six temperature settings Easier to control the pad through the led display Pc particles slightly accentuate the edges and help the electric pad hang naturally Ergonomic design perfectly fits neck and shoulder The snapper helps to fix the pad in place and free your hands Overheating protection and over current protection ensure a safe experience

25 x 26" Electric Heating Pad w/ 6 Temperature Settings

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